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Dragging up the fabulous Edinburgh Fringe!

Darlings! What a first gig this was.

Casts, crews and audiences alike were all coming in to the ever growing Edinburgh Fringe Festival not quite knowing what to expect. Especially after the year (and a half) we’ve all had.

With Edinburgh having only just come out of lockdown, masks still mandatory, and substantially less international travel - it was definitely a different one this year.  You could sense a slight air of uncertainty around, but that didn't last long once our divas hit that stage. 

All nerves and fears were set aside by our five powerhouse Queenz, who lit up the venue in their six inch heels and all their glitter covered glory at the Fringe's infamous Underbelly in George Square. As our first proper gig, the response was ‘udderly’ overwhelming. (If you’ve seen the venue that joke is hilarious, if not, just go with it) 

We spent nine gender-bending nights bringing all the sass and sequins to the fabulous people of Edinburgh. 

The buzz of Queenz certainly seemed to grow like Ariana’s ponytail. By our third night at The Underbelly, ALL of our remaining performances were sold out, with standing ovations and screams that threatened to bring the roof down, surely from sets of lungs that would give Belle DuBall a run for her money. 

All jokes aside, we put this reaction down to the energy and emotion from our audiences. It was undeniably palpable. Everyone involved was clearly feeling the sheer joy of having some fabulously fierce female anthems to sing along to. (Which we have definitely all rocked out to with our hairbrushes in the mirror) 

Not only this, but also our stunning LGBTQIA+ and its allies feeling not only accepted but celebrated, which is what Queenz is all about. Not just a bunch of blokes in ballgowns.

A wonderful review from Culture Fix expressed this perfectly:

'Bursting onto the stage with fierce attitude, glistening outfits and an infectious sense of fun, our cast of Queens make it clear that audiences are headed for an evening of sing-a-long anthems, biting humour, and a warming message of self-empowerment.'

'A sensitive take on True Colours pays an elegant tribute to the LGBTQ+ community and its allies, whilst a mash-up of Sia’s Alive and The Greatest Showman’s This Is Me further highlight the Queens’ vocal range. A standout take on Celine Dion’s It’s All Coming Back to Me Now also helps QUEENZ provide musical elegance and vocal might.'

'There is a real heartfelt message at the core of QUEENZ with the cast managing to convey it in a sincere and natural passion, showcasing an absolute love for their craft. Impressively managing to create a genuine party atmosphere with high energy routines, natural wit and powerhouse vocals, QUEENZ is a delight.'


A memorable and magical 10 days indeed. Don't forget that Edinburgh Fringe Frestival 2022 will be her 75th birthday! So make sure you keep those eyelashed eyes peeled for some immense events next year!

Head over to our Facebook page for our debut performance at Edinburgh Fringe's Underbelly and much more camp, unapologetically queer content! 

We'll see ya soon honeys! xxx


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