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Queenz Takes Sziget Festival by Storm: A Glittering Extravaganza of Love and Music

Budapest's Sziget Festival is renowned for its epic lineups and unforgettable performances, and the August 2023 edition was no exception. Among the star-studded roster featuring icons like Billie Eilish, Niall Horan, Florence and the Machine, and David Guetta, not forgetting our Queenz who put on a spectacular show, stealing hearts and commanding the stage like never before. Queenz were given the honour of headlining the magic mirror tent, the official LGBTQIA+ venue, where they mesmerised festival goers from around the world. 


Unveiling the Unforgettable Show

With a dazzling combination of jaw-dropping live vocals, empowering messages, and powerhouse performances, Queenz turned every evening into not only an epic concert, but an enchanting journey of self-expression and love. The show was so overwhelmingly popular that it played to packed houses every night. The energy inside the magic mirror tent was simply incredible.

Keeping Social

The Queenz phenomenon didn't stop at the festival grounds. Social media platforms were set ablaze with adoration and newfound followers. Thousands of people who had witnessed the magic firsthand shared their experiences online, expressing their love for the gals and the show's inspiring message. It wasn't just about the music; it was about a movement, a celebration of diversity, and a tribute to the power of embracing one's true self.


Budapest's Heartfelt Connection

Budapest, known for its rich history and vibrant culture, opened its arms to Queenz in a way that was heartwarming and electric. The audience's response was overwhelming, as they connected deeply with the show's themes of love, acceptance, and individuality. The city's dynamic spirit and the festival's inclusive atmosphere created the perfect backdrop for Queenz to shine its brightest.


Time To Explore

But Queenz wasn't just about the stage performances. Beyond the enchanting lights of the magic mirror tent, the cast and crew had an incredible time exploring Budapest's iconic landmarks, savoring local cuisine, and diving into the city's pulsating nightlife. The gals were even lucky enough to participate in a vogue masterclasses, infusing their own creative flair into the mix and keeping the crowds entertained, even when they werent supposed to be performing... you can't hold a good diva down!


A Heartfelt Thank You

As the lights dimmed on the final night, the Queenz team expressed their gratitude to the Sziget team for giving them a platform to share their show and message and they managed to get all of the Magic Mirror team on stage to perform in the finale of all finales. Love was most certainly in the air and this chapter in Queenz's story was undoubtedly one of the most memorable to date, leaving a legacy that extended beyond the stage and the festival.

It's fair to say Queenz at Sziget Festival 2023 was more than just a show. It was a vibrant celebration of love, acceptance, and music that transcended barriers, united souls, and left an indelible mark on everyone lucky enough to be a part of it. The glitter, the music, and the messages of self-love and individuality came together in a resplendent tapestry, proving once again that music has the power to change hearts and minds, and to inspire a world where everyone can be themselves, loud and proud.

A huge thanks to everyone that made it possible - we can't wait to come back to Budapest and party with you all again sometime soon x

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