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Diamonds really are a girls best friend!

Ladies, gentlemen, and fabulous beings of all realms, gather around for a glittering announcement! It's time to unleash the sparkle and let your inner brilliance shine, because guess what? The dazzling divas of QUEENZ - The Show with BALLS!, the ultimate drag vocal group extravaganza, are joining forces with none other than the enchanting mavens at Crystal Parade!

Hold onto your feathered boas, because this is BIG NEWS! Crystal Parade has stepped into the spotlight as the official sponsors of all things bling-tastic for our upcoming Autumn 2023 tour. And oh my sequins, their bling game is strong enough to rival the starry skies!

Picture this: a Queenz filled wonderland of crystals, pearls and beads, bursting with creative possibilities. Crystal Parade isn't just a treasure trove; it's a dazzling realm where your artistic dreams come to life. And if you’re ready to ignite your creative flare then look no further as we’ve got all the inside info to get your razzle dazzle dreams underway! ✨

Hold onto your rhinestone-studded crowns, because Crystal Parade isn't just a bling emporium – they're the proud authorized partners of the illustrious Preciosa. And as if that wasn't enough, they've got Swarovski crystals that could make even the moon envious! But wait, there's more: they've also conjured up their very own line of Zodiac crystals and pearls - which we can’t get enough of! Can we get a ‘Yaaas, queen!’ 

Their crystals have popped all over the world like confetti at a sparkly celebration. From the iconic outfits of A-list pop sensations, to the local dance schools where future stars twinkle, Crystal Parade's bling is shining bright everywhere! 

Check out some of the famous faces and dazzling designs where Crystal Parades gems have featured.

So, whether you're a seasoned crafting maestro, a starry-eyed beginner dipping your toes into the glittering pool of creativity, or just someone on the hunt for a burst of inspiration, Crystal Parade is your one-stop shimmer shop. It's like a candy store for creators, only instead of sweets, you're surrounded by brightly coloured brilliance that would put fireworks to shame! 

And hey, if you're longing to witness this bling-fueled magic firsthand, you're in luck! as you can catch the Queenz as they sashay and sparkle their way across the country during their 3rd and most thrilling UK Tour to date. It's set to be a glittering spectacle that'll have you dancing in your seat and singing louder and prouder than ever before!

So, whether you're a fashion maven with an eye for style, a costume conjurer weaving dreams with fabric and sequins, a dancer ready to set the stage ablaze, or a drag artist looking to turn heads and hearts, Crystal Parade has got you covered. From a jaw-dropping array of Preciosa and Zodiac sew-on stones that practically beg to be showcased, to a selection of nail art and beauty crystals that redefine elegance.

But here's the real gem of the story: Poppy and the Crystal Parade dream team aren't just connoisseurs of bling – they're also the kindest souls in the universe, ready to guide you every step of the way. With their crystal-clear expertise and passion for Preciosa, you'll be ready to create masterpieces that leave jaws dropped and eyes sparkling in awe.✨

So, darlings, let's raise a rhinestone-encrusted glass to this dazzling partnership, where Queenz and Crystal Parade collide in a supernova of glitz and glam. Let the bling wars begin, and may your creative journey be as luminous as the stars themselves! 

Get ready for a bling revolution, ready to make the world shine brighter, one crystal at a time! 

Check out Crystal Parades site by clicking here!


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