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Meet the Queenz!

For the night out we’ve all been missing – Queenz are ready to, (like a prayer,) take you there. Five vocal powerhouses armed with songs, sass and plenty to say. This unapologetic, dance party night is coming to bring the UK some pride and joy. 

 Expect an all-singing, all-dancing hour of live vocals and chat with the Queenz as they guide you through an eclectic party playlist, featuring remixed and reimagined pop anthems from The Spice Girls, Shakira, GaGa, Britney, Whitney and everything in between.

These five Queenz represent all, from backstreet bars to West End stars and living out their childhood fantasies with this wonderfully whacky show. Here they found representation, and to be able to celebrate, embody and embrace your true self is what Queenz is all about! 

Together let’s smash down social boundaries and invite the world in all its sequined glory to a non-apologetic pop party, celebrating unity, unicorns, divas and death drops.



Belle DuBall Belle DuBall

Belle DuBall

Gold Queen - our resident DIVA

A vocal power-house and she knows it.  A breath-taking, Queen B inspired diva with riffs that would make Whitney blush. With a vocal range as big as her hair, (just the five octives, no biggie...) she's brassy, sassy and brings some Northern fire. 

Bella was even accused of lipsyncing to Celine on TikTok when it was of course her real vocals! She loves the limelight and lights up the stage with the regal realness.

Ms Belle DuBall refuses to fade into the background… Nobody puts Belle in the corner!

Miss Dia Montay Miss Dia Montay

Miss Dia Montay

White Queen - like Marilyn but even more mischievous

Hollywood glamour and old-school sophistication, Dia is like a champagne glass with a sprinkling of sass, serving a sparkling gown to match her sparkling crown.

A Silent Assassin and cute enough to get away with murder,.  The only thing sharper than her contour is her tongue, so I wouldn't cross her if I were you, unless its with a string of pearls of course...

She is classy, sassy and dances 'til she deathdrops Pop QUEEN! 

Candy Caned Candy Caned

Candy Caned

Pink Queen - Sugar and all things SPICE

Don’t let the big boobs and pink sequins fool you… get this Essex girl over a beat and her spoken word will blow your mind. Trash talking party girl, rapstress and self-proclaimed tart with a heart… a dash of vajazzle with heaps of razzle dazzle.

Cross From belting out some iconic Spice Girls numbers to rapping our LGBTQIA+ rap, is there anything she can't do? And in six inch heels no less. Amy Winehouse and Jessica Rabbit, and there you have it! Miss Candy Caned.

Bille Eyelash Bille Eyelash

Bille Eyelash

Rock Queen - Feisty, Fierce and of course Fabulous

Drag isn’t all poise and pageantry, and nobody knows this better than our spunky & spicy P!nk inspired rock queen. Clad in leather and lace, with a super-star voice to match. She's funky and spunk and our resident Rock Queen. Billie doesn’t crash the party…she is the party.

She can bat those Billie Eyelashes while serving us face, vocals and fierceness. 

ZeZe Van Cartier ZeZe Van Cartier

ZeZe Van Cartier

Blue Queen - Glorious in all their Non-Binary Finery!

Our bold and beautiful gender-bender marches to the beat of their own drum in a killer pair of thigh-high boots. They’re loud, proud and always stand out from the crowd. They’re an activist, an anarchist, breaking down the cis-tem has never looked (or felt) this fabulous!

In terms of vocals, think of the smooth stylings of soulful artists like Billy Porter, Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin. On stage, they are themselves so unapologetically that the audience can’t help but fall in love with them. 

Flying the flag of authenticity, their message is clear- be bold, be brave, live your truth and you’ll always be a Queen!